Component: Card Library

Card Library provides an easy way to display a UI Card using the Official Google CardView in your Android app.

It is an amazing library that can greatly enhance your UI with very nice views.

It can be used from API Version 14 (4.0). Unfortunatelly I wasn’t able to use it because my app minimum API version is 10 (2.3.3). But my next app certainly will use this library.

I have found the Card Library in github at  Card Library (Copyright Gabriele Mariotti).

You can download an Android Sample App at  CardsLib Demo



(image was taken from owner site on githug)

Localizing an Android App

It is an easy task to implement localization in an Android App, you just need to create the resource files for each language and later Android will be responsible to present the correct one for each device configuration.

This article cover the steps to create the resources and explain how to force a specific language to be used if needed. For this example I managed to provide localization for english, spanish and portuguese. Android Studio was used to implement all steps.


Library: Butter Knife

After deploying the first version of my app, I discovered the Butter Knife (Copyright 2013 Jake Wharton) which is a really usefull library.

The main purpose of this library is to make it easier to construct the inflate process of view so you can focus on your app code. With Butter Knife you make annotations to your views and let the lib inflate view and assign control instances to your variables.

So, instead of this code

You can use this:

Several other features are implemented in the library like optional injection (if the control was not found it sets the variable to null)

Also you can assign automatically listeners:

You can find more usefull information on features and how to install Butter Knife at the developer website.

Another usefull tool is Android ButterKnife Zelezny that you can add to your Android Studio as a plugin that make it really fast to add the Butter Knife injection,