Component: Card Library

Card Library provides an easy way to display a UI Card using the Official Google CardView in your Android app.

It is an amazing library that can greatly enhance your UI with very nice views.

It can be used from API Version 14 (4.0). Unfortunatelly I wasn’t able to use it because my app minimum API version is 10 (2.3.3). But my next app certainly will use this library.

I have found the Card Library in github at  Card Library (Copyright Gabriele Mariotti).

You can download an Android Sample App at  CardsLib Demo



(image was taken from owner site on githug)

Component: Calendar

Roboto Calendar View is a simple and good component to provide customizable calendar for general usage. In my app I need to show a calendar and mark the days that have appointments. A very simple functionality at this moment.

I have found the Roboto Calendar View in github at  RobotoCalendarView (Copyright 2014 Marco Hernaiz Cao).

There are some cool fonts in the project (which I removed to reduce APK size) that you can use to change the interface to meet your needs.

You can find more information on usage in the project page on Github.

In the near future I will need to improve this calendar or use another component to provide more detailed information to the user, but for now it is just fine.

AdvogadoAG - RobotoCalendarView

AdvogadoAG – RobotoCalendarView