Dynamically Executing Code in .NET – Compiling C# Code at Runtime

In a recent project, I was confronted with a necessity to change some parts of code algorithms very quickly because government changes. Updating the entire application was not an option, so I decided to implement a feature to allow the application to download small pieces of code that changed frequently to use it.

The application perform some tax math that changes in a monthly basis. Now I can pull only changed code and use it to perform the routine.

To do this I have used the CSharpCodeProvider class from Dotnet framework, that allow us to use C# code as scripting language in my C# application.

In this article I am creating a simple application that have two listbox, the source have all country names and the target will be populated from our script code.


Component: Card Library

Card Library provides an easy way to display a UI Card using the Official Google CardView in your Android app.

It is an amazing library that can greatly enhance your UI with very nice views.

It can be used from API Version 14 (4.0). Unfortunatelly I wasn’t able to use it because my app minimum API version is 10 (2.3.3). But my next app certainly will use this library.

I have found the Card Library in github at  Card Library (Copyright Gabriele Mariotti).

You can download an Android Sample App at  CardsLib Demo



(image was taken from owner site on githug)